Voice entrepreneur, international ambassador for Women in Voice, vice-president of the Brazilian extended-reality association XRBR, and Sovas Voice Arts Awards judge, Simone Kliass has given talks on voice branding, voice tech, and voice for immersive content at SXSW and VO Atlanta in the United States; The VoiceOver Network in Europe; and Rio2C, Path, HackTown, and Pixel Show in Brazil. She works as a consultant for the New York-based Edge Studio and, as a voice talent, records for Globo's GNT and Gloobinho channels, LATAM Airlines, The São Paulo International Airport, and immersive experiences such as the Primetime Emmy-award-winning "The Line"


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Synthetic voices are here to stay, but they can’t replace the human connection. In this episode of the "AI & Voice" podcast series, Simone Kliass joins Anne Ganguzza to talk about digital voice technologies and the new opportunities for voiceover artists.




"The Line", a fantastical VR story developed by ARVORE Immersive Experiences and set upon a scale-model of 1940s São Paulo with narration in its original Portuguese by Simone Kliass, won a 2020 Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Innovation in Interactive Media. The English-language version is narrated by Brazilian actor Rodrigo Santoro ("Westworld").









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​"I met Simone (her voice anyway) when I needed to portray a modern-day woman: strong, with an attitude, in charge of her own life, but at the same time sweet, feminine, and delicate. And it worked. Simone's voice gave life to everything I had imagined. Over time I started recording more and more commercials with Simone, as well as promos for my radio program. Without a doubt Simone is my favorite female voice. She is eclectic. With the simple change of tone she can get where we want to go. She's like my character. Strong and sweet."

Sérgio Scarpelli (Creative Director at Publicis Brasil)

​"They say a good producer isn't the one who knows what to do, but the one who has the phone number of the one who knows what to do. So you better have Simone's number. She's an amazing actress and voiceover talent, Upbeat by nature, smart, and above all a super professional who plays by the book. She gets it done and she's a genuinely nice person. Don't have her number? Write it down."

Ed Côrtes (Producer of soundtracks for "City of God", "Lord of War", and other films)


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